Aging Gracefully

I have been working with Seniors for 30 years. My first position as a new dance teacher was at a studio in Clearwater where the majority of students were women over 75 and I was 25; a grand opportunity for growth and development. I learned the habits, behaviors, and interactions of seniors. The women greatly outnumbered the men as life expectancy was different then. I used to be amazed at how one 80-year-old could age so differently than another. The same scenario would present itself upon my parents maturing into their golden years and I was present as their live-in caretaker. Why was this so telling? And what have I learned?

I have concluded that health and well-being is a state of mind. What and how we think has a great influence on how we feel and ultimately age. In addition, the optimizing of diet and movement are key components. Staying fit and hydrated are also contributing factors to well being. Stretching and toning and the building our muscles help support the skeletel structure. These such activities can be accomplished on the dance floor with Rungo Dance Fit -Gentle.

My parents were a perfect example of active dancing seniors. They engaged in social and competitive dancing in Clearwater for years. They danced together and with me and other Pro dance intstructors. My dad’s favorite dance was the Foxtrot and my mother the Tango. They met on the dance floor and maintained their dancing hobby throughout their raising of four children and living in eight countries. Social Ballroom Dancing was their weekly dedication and date night. They were married for close to 70 years. Music, movement and love was a huge part of their (my) life.
They are the ones that introduced me to the dance floor. I used to go ballroom dancing with my parents when I was 18 and that is what prompted my interest. It was not long after that that I pursued a career in this fantastic hobby. My parents will always be my inspiration to motivate other seniors to continue/start dancing. My father passed at 90 and my mother 97, they are sorely missed.

Seniors are living linger and medical science is contributing to this factor. Let’s make aging even more graceful and introduce movement, music and dancing into your lives. Rungo Dance Fit- Gentle and the Rungo Wellness program is coming soon.

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