Witnessing the Spark

In our world today we witness many bad things; hate, violence, discord, bigotry, and the list could probably go on……How many of us are fortunate enough to witness the good things. How many of us put ourselves in the path of this beauty and revelation? I do. Everyday while teaching dance.

I teach ballroom dancing in Clearwater. Each time I visit my dance school in Clearwater and teach a couple in love to dance I witness an intimate spark of romance that is rekindling and flourishing right in front of my eyes. It feels like an explosion of emotion. I usually see big smiles, at times affectionate exchanges and, more times than not, tears. In what better environment could I be surrounded?

I am grateful beyond words that I am leading to elevated levels of communication, understanding, and acceptance of people who are present and eager to experience the joy through their dancing and music.

Most of these couples are active and retired and spend much of their time together. Complacency is a real thing and I believe we have all experienced it on one level or another and would agree that it can be destructive and undesirable.

Dancing lessons cause two people to find grace. The dance demands patience, understanding, and compassion. The roles of the leader and follower are clear and definitive and can help a couple come back to what it was that brought them together in the first place. We forget, we all forget “the why.” The “why” we embarked on a journey that gave us goose-bumps and butterflies. The feeling of ecstacy and empowerment. These feelings of being in love are real and can be attained, any time.

Dancing is a fabulous way to connect, reconnect and develop new forms of intimacy. It is a sustainable hobby that is good, clean, fun and easy to share with your loved one and others.

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