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Why should you hire a choreographer from a private dance studio in Clearwater for an event?

Are you performing at a private party or event that would brighten up with captivating and impressive entertainment? Maybe it’s a flash mob to advertise a brand, a

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dance fitness classes clearwater

Ways Children Benefit from Dance Fitness Classes in Clearwater?

Parents enroll their kids in dance fitness classes for a variety of reasons. They might do it for the art form, health advantages, or the desire to foster

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The Dance Revolution: Ballroom to Boogie, Dancing Keeps Seniors Young at Heart

From ballroom to boogie, dancing is all the rage for seniors to millennials both for the fun and fitness benefits. At Rungo Dance Depot in downtown Clearwater, you’ll

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Aging Gracefully

I have been working with Seniors for 30 years. My first position as a new dance teacher was at a studio in Clearwater where the majority of students

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Witnessing the Spark

In our world today we witness many bad things; hate, violence, discord, bigotry, and the list could probably go on……How many of us are fortunate enough to witness

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Elevate Your Celebration with Private Party Dance Choreography in Clearwater

Clearwater, Florida, is not only famous for its stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets but also for its vibrant and diverse culture. As a prime location for celebrations and

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We kindle the romance through dance

Who would have thought that professional dance lessons would contribute to the sharpening of your love language? Partner dancing satisfies several *love languages. At the Clearwater Dance Depot

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The Magic Dance Journey

Dancing and moving to the music ignites romance in self, in relationships with others, and in spirit.  Wow! How can it be that such a simple experience can have

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