The Magic Dance Journey

Dancing and moving to the music ignites romance in self, in relationships with others, and in spirit.  Wow! How can it be that such a simple experience can have such an impact? 

Thirty years of teaching dance to several different demographics have taught me that it is one of the most powerful healing tools I have experienced.  Perhaps there is no logical explanation which is what many potential dancers believe (or the doors for private dance lessons would be busting at the seams). The reason is emotional and very simple.  It feels good to dance and take dance lessons. It is an investment in self and self-worth.  Dance lessons build us up from the inside. 

I lost my opportunity to become a competitive dancer as a young woman. The chance of a lifetime had presented itself to me. Because of my insecurities, self-loathing, doubt, and fear I was not able to maintain the necessary attitude to advance. (An action that would be the turning point of my life.) Fast forward Twenty-five years and I vow NEVER to allow this to be witnessed again in my circle. 

Dancing is an esteem booster.  It occupies space in your head as you communicate with your body and guide it through the music.  That is why it is hard to focus on laboring thoughts and stressful parts of your life when you take professional dance classes. 

Professional dance training by a master is not just teaching dance.  It is adapting to the student’s way of learning, their disposition, and their attitude. As dance deliverers, we have to find out the best way to someone’s system of processing knowledge. This takes awareness, interest, and patience. I have built my career around these traits. When I can look into the eyes of my students and see that they have captured my message the lighting crashes and my entire being is ignited.  At that point, I know that their good feelings and magical moments are seconds away,  AND POW a BZMIS….the mind has allowed the body to take over. 

This process is developed through private dance lessons, semi-private dance lessons, group dance lessons, and integrating social dance classes and parties into the development. It is a journey of magic.  And as we know, anything that is worth greatness usually takes time. 

AHH, time.  Who has extra time?  I realize few of us do. That is where the measuring stick of becoming a dancer comes into play.  It takes 3 months for someone to begin to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Being comfortable does not mean Fred Astaire prancing all over the wood. Comfortable means we have plugged through the discomfort, the awkwardness, and the disappointment of the reality of exactly how challenging learning to dance can be. We have formed a bond and we are NOW ready to learn. 

Plan on two more years to become socially proficient. This means the dancer can go anywhere and dance to any music of their choice and in some cases someone else’s choice. You never have to turn down a dance or a partner because you don’t know how; this is unacceptable and not necessary. 

Couples have each other to practice.  They are given specific items to do together and this activity (if done within the Rungo Rules) will usually lead to a quality time of romance spent together. 

Working singles are busy and in overdrive. Their private dance lesson is dedicated time to their specific journey and achievement. They are usually very goal-oriented and efficient.   Learning to dance is satisfying a desire they have longed for a lifetime.

Group dance lessons are a perfect auxiliary reinforcement for any learning-to-dance schedule once the feeling of comfort and ease has been attained. 

Social dance classes and parties work; if they are made part of your dance journey.  The feeling of discomfort won’t last long once the commitment is made to get to the other side.  

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