We kindle the romance through dance

Who would have thought that professional dance lessons would contribute to the sharpening of your love language? Partner dancing satisfies several *love languages. At the Clearwater Dance Depot we use: Words of Affirmation, we engage in Acts of Service, we deliver and Produce Gifts, we spend Quality Time, and we have Physical Touch..A deep connection is encouraged through private dance lessons.  Three little things are all it takes…..eye contact, the dedicated touch of a knowledgeable hand, and the execution of a simple plan.  It’s not complicated, it’s not intricate and it is obtainable.  What better way to learn how to satisfy your partner’s love language and learn the basic skills of dance, dance lessons, and dance group classes??  This is designed for the non-dancer. Once you get started on a Rungo Dance journey at the Clearwater Dance Depot you then can practice in the privacy of your own home.  It does not take long and the results go a very long way.  Rekindle your romance through dance! 

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